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Slow technology (Making things for joy)

I unearthed one that I intended to take home and read.
Journal of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers vol.112, no.1083.


Aren’t the “tools loved for a long time” collected by Nagaoka Genmei, things that beautifully become dirty?

About Nature, about richness

“to be natural” is “to have intrinsicness” – Katai
“to be rich” is “to have hope” – Genta
“to have hope” is to have some vision, but not the ability to predict all.


Natural features: wind and soil (Fuudo). Food.

Lumpy Playground

I heard about a preschool that deliberately made its playground lumpy. The children became brighter. I’m sure they’ve become experts at falling over.
Apparently, the field athletic, which is actually dangerous if there’s a fall, is the most popular.
Meiji shrine, which can’t be visited without walking a long path from the car park, vs a shrine where there is adjacent parking.