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Mottos for environmentalism

One motto for environmentalism is “Please don’t destroy what you don’t know how to fix”, but, in energy, to reduce dependence on coal and hydraulic, we’re “continuing to make things we don’t know how to destroy”.


15/5/2009 there was an opportunity to hear a talk from Mr Sugihara from the Development bank of Japan.
There, we were introduced to the term “Low-tech”, coined by Amory Lovins in 1977. From mottos which read, “A chainsaw is not needed to cut butter”, “they say AT stands for alternative technology, but it’s actually for appropriate technology”, it differs to the tools pursued by BoI but feels quite similar.
But, the motto “Doesn’t need special skills to use, can be maintenance by anyone” is perfect, and thought, maybe it’s not just Low-tech, but Raw-tech.