Further Benefit of a Kind of Inconvienience System Labratory

Bol in action!

Practical application of Bol

Cat Media

This is an attempt to use stray cats as a medium for a local community. By learning the relationship of other locals with the cats, users are encouraged to notice things about the local society and other people, as well as participate actively in the local community.

There are complex and difficult problems when it comes to interactions between people, such as differing interests, false beliefs and prejudices. Therefore, in order to maintain a positive relationship within a community, much hard work needs to be put in.
Our project encourages users to view their relationships from a more logical point of view by communicating through “cats”. For example, it might be difficult to listen to or read words directly from an opponent of a conflict, and take them calmly, but instead you may end up worsening the relationship.
But what if these “cats” spoke to you about said opponent? You might be able to think about them more logically.
With this, we’re hoping to deepen understanding with others and form better communities.

Local Cats starter kit

This is a kit which has been designed to install this “cat social media” within a local community.
It consists of a user manual (DVD included), a cat collar and the cat media site.
The cat collar has a QR code printed, which can be used to access the cat media site.
Those who have interacted with the cats, such as by feeding or playing, can access the site and log their contact with the cat.
Using this data, the cat’s internal state is translated into their “feelings” and is written into its’ diary.
Then, following users who meet the cat and access the cat media site can learn about the interactions between the cat and other residents through the cat’s feelings.

As a result, users can become more conscious of the existence of other local people thorough a mutual interest towards the cat they are caring for.