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From the Principles of Agriculture

At a Principles of Agriculture study group, there was a conversation about how “the amount of food disposed in Japan is twice of what is donated to LEDCs”. We want to at least stop foods reaching use-by-dates.

  • Convenience: works with your own schedule
  • Inconvenience: working around a natural schedule which is beyond our control.
  • Hiding the use-by date with a scratch off panel
  • When mom comes home from the grocery store, scratch them off with the kids
  • Oh no! this goes off today. Let’s change tonight’s menu.
  • Communication within the family.


  • Convenience: being able to do something that may not suit us


  • Convenience: Works with own schedule
  • Inconvenience: Working around a schedule beyond own control
  • Benefit of Inconvenience: unintentionally tuning into music from the radio