Further Benefit of a Kind of Inconvienience System Labratory

Bol in action!

Practical application of Bol

Curved microwave

Microwave, a machine we use almost every day.
Recent versions have a variety of functions, such as “one bowl of rice” or “one cup of milk” etc.
They are very convenient, reducing the need to think about how many minutes to microwave each item.

What would happen if we introduce BOI here?

Of course, we would not have any function menus,
What we would have is a window which creates a curve by time and temperature, and a start button. Just simply this.
Nothing we have been used to.
Is there any benefit in something so inconvenient, some may think.

However, please recall some of your memories.
Were you able to perfectly heat your “one bowl of rice” as you wished?
Slightly too cold, too hot … does it ring a bell?

With this BOI microwave, everything can be done as you wish.
It is true that you would need to go through trial and error to find your perfect curve.
Therefore, you would need to remember that curve yourself.
Yet, you are also able to improve as much as you wish.
With a little microslip*, you may be able to meet a curve that you have never even thought of.
Can you now see an infinite possibility to just a microwave?

A phenomena which happened to appear as a small improvement when one is acting with a goal. For example, when one scoops sugar with a spoon for coffee, one may stop at points as if they are hesitating until releasing the sugar into the coffee cup. Unintentionally, this occurs while we conduct various activities (eating, drinking coffee) in our daily life.