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Hundred Sights of BOI 2017 released

We have made “Hundred Sights of BOI.”

The link is attached to the bulletin board, on the bottom of the top page of further benefit of a kind of inconvenience system laboratory.

1. “Hundred Sights of BOI” lays out around 100 cases which can be seen as representing BOI. By looking at these cases, we cannot help but think “Hmmm, this is similar to what we are thinking” or “Isn’t this a bit different?”
2. If you find a new case or an idea which you think represents BOI but is not included in the “Hundred Sights of BOI,” please feel free to comment. It would be great to share with all.
3. There are tools which can help you think of new BOI systems. If you use this for a bit, you might be able to come up with interesting ideas.