Further Benefit of a Kind of Inconvienience System Labratory

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Useful Credit card

The nice thing about credit cards is that, they can guarantee one’s status, and can help achieve points.
The conveniences of card payment, as opposed to cash, is that it takes less effort and service fees for exchanging currencies and sending money (e.g. online shops, overseas).
Not very physical (takes little space, doesn’t decompose, less unhygienic).
Less mental load (No need to calculate change, no need to count remaining money, no need to calculate remaining balance (delayed payment), not all properties are lost when lost or stolen, can be insured if used in fraudulent activity, not possible with counterfeit money).

The nice thing about cash is the different designs between countries (somewhat collectible).
The conveniences of Cash payment as opposed to card, is that it is very physical. It’s harder to overspend, can physically feel the amount of money in your possession, feel the loss, feel exchanges, easy to split the bill, when lost or stolen, the amount of possession lost is that amount of cash, can be used for games (coin toss, spinner, pyramids).
Helps thinking (trains mental math, nice when you have the right amount of spare change, some concern when having little cash, fear of losing, more reluctant to spend, nice to receive).