Further Benefit of a Kind of Inconvienience System Labratory

Thinking about Bol!

Daily Bol

A BoI-esque method of exchanging cash

A card that has to be used systematically
Limits the opportunities to top-up and doesn’t show the available balance
Leads to a habit of logging purchases and budgeting

A card that plays a selected tune with a default method in a transaction
The longer and more complex the phrase that is played, the more points that are received, which can be swapped for points.
Needs practice, but might be fun to hear others play?

Puzzle coins (The value increases if the pictures match)
Takes up space, hard to sort (difficult to make)

Card which aids budgeting (If liked up to an app, it produces a budget)
Need to sort out the type (Food, travel etc) at transaction

A card that needs to undergo a procedure before use
Takes effort → avoid excessive use

An annoying ATM (questions the use for money when withdrawing)
Will make purchasing more planned?

The card which shows the cost and retail price of products
Requires cognitive resources → understanding of economics (a blow to the shop)

Money that becomes heavier as its’ value increases
Bulky, heavy → greater sense of profit, avoid excessive use, difficult to be stolen
Shouldn’t be like ancient money (Shekels, stone beads)

Frequently redesigned currency (can still use older designs)
Would be fun, but could be counterfeit if the previous design is forgotten

Currency that can be deduced by touch
Is there any inconvenience? (Would it just be an extra feature?)

Money/Local currency with negative interest (the value decreases with time)
Encourages cash flow
Used at the same time as other currencies with a fixed value