Further Benefit of a Kind of Inconvienience System Labratory

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Counterproposals for the core concept of “Benefit of Inconvenience”

Defining “BoI”
What is BoI? If anything inconvenient counts, that would be bothersome.

Intensional expression
Requires little effort in order to complete a task
In this case, we are not concerned about which of Automatic (requires little effort to ride around town) or Manual (requires little effort to change gears as intended) is more convenient.
On the “peace of mind vs safety” “definite vs indefinite” axes, it’s closer to appreciating the former.

Extensional expression
When many people call something convenient.
In this case, we are not concerned about the inner reasons of the convenience. I.e. nothing is absolutely convenient.

Benefit of inconvenience:
If focusing on intensional expression,
When “there is room for ingenuity”, “does not prevent targeted understanding” even if it requires extra effort.
More specifically,
Accepting masters of a craft, even if they seem unapproachable..