Further Benefit of a Kind of Inconvienience System Labratory

Bol in action!

Practical application of Bol

Fade-out car navigation

Car navigation system, super convenient right?
It can take you to your destination even when you are bad with direction.
Additionally, it can tell you the required time and pricing of toll ways.

What would happen when we introduce BOI in these convenient car navigation systems?

The roads which you have passed slowly fades.
The more you use the road, the more it fades.
The roads you use every day to work may even disappear.
What appears clearly on a BOI car navigation are roads that you have never used before.

I can understand how some people may say, why would you create such a system with fading roads.

What we hear when one uses a car navigation system is first,
“How convenient! I feel like I can go anywhere!”
Next, we hear one say
“After using the car navigation, I started to not remember roads anymore…”
Of course, there is no reason to remember roads.

With the BOI car navigation system “fading navi,” you would not have the same situation.
The roads on this system may be fading but the more it fades, the more they will stick to your memory. Just like a pair of jeans that worn out after you wear them for long, just like a map which is hard for others to read with lots of finger marks and memos, the one and only car navigation map made especially for you is being created.

Would you not want a completely personalized “fading navi,” one for each person?