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Human Interface Symposium 2012

9/5 Public Announcement 1412L COLUMN: About “impatience,” which brings out cooperation amongst individuals (Toyohashi University of Technology)
COLUMN is a sphere, which x, y, and z axis extend in each direction independently, a machine yet to be seen. Three people cooperate to try rolling COLUMN by operating an axis each but “impatience” emerges as it does not work easily. How this “impatience” becomes the key to bringing out cooperation from the three individuals is the topic of this discussion. In particular (although not written in the abstract), it has been demonstrated how adding LED color to COLUMN for more convenient recognition of each axis improves performances in the short term but becomes a burden to what needs to be valued the most, cooperation. This content is bull’s eye for BOI.

9/5 Dialogue Announcement 1560P Mr. Nozaki, awarded Best Presentation Award for the presentation on BOI!!

9/6 Public Announcement 2331L Comparison between paper and tablet terminals as reading devices for discussion (Fuji Xerox)
Although the experiment has limitations, such as the content needs to be reading materials for discussions or what is shown on the iPad or laptop is a PDF, which lacks superiority in digital utility, it is quite interesting how paper, which is said to be more inconvenient, is experimentally proved to be superior in all comparisons.